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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 29, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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buildings here in lower manhattan. jenna: thank you for joining us, jon. jon: sound like a good times and the hour. megyn: 50 million people in harm's way. a massive storm heading towards a paralyzed east coast, it is what one meteorologist is calling a worst-case scenario. welcome to a "america live", i am megyn kelly. hurricane sandy is a monster. 1000 miles across, 90-mile per hour winds, one of the top forecasters in america calling it a hurricane on steroids. right now, nearly a quarter of the entire ovulation of the united states under a state of emergency. full on emergency declarations in eight states along the eastern seaboard from virginia to massachusetts and washington
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dc. limited state of emergency in delaware and north carolina. that could well change. over the past few hours the storm has picked up and strengthen, starting to make the forecasted turn inland as some reports of 90-mile per hour wind gusts have head. it is expected to make landfall around atlantic city, new jersey. the resort town reporting heavy damage to the boardwalk there. the casinos are closed for the fourth time in history that that has ever happened. heading up the coastline to point pleasant beach, another popular tourist destination along the jersey shore. today it is evacuated. look at the live pictures. the wind starting to pick up, you can see the surf for yourselves. that is still about 90 minutes away. further north to new york city in battery park, that is at the southern tip of manhattan where john was, one of the lowest points in the city. the rain is starting to pick up.
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the promenade -- live pictures. you can see the statue of liberty very vaguely. there she is. but, not where you would normally see people riding their bikes, walking their dogs, expected to be swallowed by a wall of water 6 feet high. we have a dozen reporters stationed along the coastline. we will begin with janice dean who will start us off with a big picture. reporter: 60 million people. the angle of the storm is going to bring storm surge is one of the most vulnerable cities in the united states. new york city, the jersey shoreline, southern connecticut, you are in line for a storm surge that could be record-setting. what it is is a pileup of water. counterclockwise winds move inland. it is going to pile all of this
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water up into this horrible, extraordinarily vulnerable shoreline. that is our big concern. storm surge kills more people, makes more damage than winds are heavy rain. storm surge is what we are really concerned with. the winds are going to be in excess of 100 miles per hour once the store makes it onshore. as you can see, category two storm is 96 miles per hour. we are at 90 miles per hour. the storm is just going to get stronger as it makes its way inland. it's going to interact cold air. that's like putting vaseline on a buyer because it's just going to infuse the cool air, and that is going to strengthen the storm. that is why we are calling this the worst case scenario. wind gusts. the tighter the lines, the stronger the winds. look at that. wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour in this very
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vulnerable coastline. i would just like you point out is not just the northeast problem. southeast, mid-atlantic, great lakes. 70-mile per hour winds across the great lakes. it will affect millions upon millions of people. we are going to see millions of people without power, not just for days, but weeks. megyn: we saw some disturbing pictures out of north oak virginia. the flooding already there. janice, we will be back to you soon. part of the new jersey shoreline are seeing some of the worst effects of the storm. here is pleasant beach. wind gusts were just nearing 30 miles per hour. the winds picked up by more than 20 miles per hour. conditions clearly getting worse by the hour as this thing is not even making landfall yet. rick leventhal is live in point pleasant, new jersey. rick: it is a hurricane on
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steroids. we were seeing wind speeds in the mid-to high 40s. my wind gauge now has a top reading -- i don't believe this, 95.4 miles per hour. i'm not sure that's possible at this hour. but definitely in the mid-to high 50s just minutes ago. we are still at low tide. it serves in a very violent purpose. the lowest line roads are impassable. atlantic city new jersey, many are underwater and we are just not even beginning to see -- just not seeing the storm surge eight to 12 feet as possible. at the barrier islands and beach communities, they have been evacuated. mandatory evacuation in effect.
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7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and the roads are shut down. no one can can get into point pleasant beach. they are virtually no businesses open. people are staying off the beach. except for me. i'm going to get off they'll see. megyn: what have you seen? >> i'm not getting anywhere near those waves. they are very dangerous. but the wind -- i'm not making this up. it is blowing me around out here. this is the strongest that i have experienced in a couple of years. it does read 95.4 miles per hour. it is kicking a pretty good. megyn: it does not take an expert to know that you are in harms way. get to safer ground and we will be back with you as
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circumstances warrant. you can see the situation getting more and more dire. this is in advance of the worse. the beach resort that dubs itself the nation's summer capital, mostly abandoned today. located directly across the delaware bay from cape may new jersey. the waves just reaching the edge of the dunes at high tide. reporter: you're right, megyn. this is the damage that was done just after 7:00 a.m. this morning. helping to keep people from walking on the sand dunes, all up and down the coastline, everywhere you look. it was not this way last night when i did my last report at 935. it all happened at 7:30 a.m. with a high tide.
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beneath the top layer of stand, now exposed. the beach erosion that we are going to be seeing more and more of as the storm winds down. this is where peter was doing his live shot. right in the middle of his live shot, the ground gave way and he fell down about 3 feet here. it has eroded about 50 yards up on the side of the boardwalk that way. whether or not the erosion is going to be as bad tonight remains to be seen. because the wind has shifted somewhat. we had that all day yesterday into this morning, the wind coming out of the north and northeast. it may serve to push the storm swell out a little bit to keep it from rising up as it did with the morningside. we will find out this evening at 8:10 p.m.. that is when eating tigers. mandatory driving restrictions.
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you can be pulled off the road if you were seen driving a car. except if you are in an emergency vehicle. megyn: doug mckelway. those residents under evacuations orders. lower manhattan is under mandatory evacuation orders, 375,000 people in lower manhattan, other parts of new york city, they were told to get out. they are concerned about storm surge is here as well. we are on storm patrol at fox news channel. we are also a days away from the presidential election, which will also affect millions and millions of lives. in three minutes, we have breaking news from rasmussen report on the critical swing state of ohio. also, how the storm the impact the vote. one week and one day away. chris christie, warning people not to take this hurricane lightly.
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the worst of it is eight hours away. stay with us. >> everyone should be asking themselves if the trip they are thinking about making it necessary or if you feel as though you have made a huge mistake. if you have any doubt about whether it's necessary or not, please stay home.
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megyn: hurricane sandy helping construction of the new world trade center complex in lower manhattan. take a look at this scene at the southern tip of new york is a couple blocks from the freedom tower. new york governor andrew cuomo worried that storm surge from hurricane sandy could flood the area. a surge of four to 11 feet is expected. in fact, some forecasters are
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warning that new york city could see its highest storm surge in more than 100 years. we are told that all construction materials have been secured at the freedom tower, along with several grains. floors 88 and up posing a unique challenge because they are only surrounded by nothing. they have security, it could become airborne. maintenance will be available to deal with any problems that come up. >> fox news alert from the campaign trail. a brand-new rasmussen poll showing governor mitt romney now leaving president obama among likely voters in the critical battleground state of ohio. this is a first in this race. it is a significant shift from just a week ago when the president governor romney were tied at 40%. in most polls, the president had been leading governor romney in ohio. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor and also the host
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of the show "power play." chris, some events are being canceled because they are not being affected by hurricane sandy, but how many times have we talked about the likely voter polls, talking about how it will really matter or not romney loses ohio. no republican has ever won the white house without it. rasmussen came out with a poll showing that governor romney is taking the lead their. >> well, yes, here is the thing. we have seen all along that mitt romney could not quite close in ohio and he has continued to do better in places like florida and virginia. ohio has posed a difficulty, he couldn't close the gap with the president. what we have seen has been a slow-motion surge from mitt romney. it started after his first debate and has moved forward.
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it has been not a landslide or explosive, but what it has been a steady. that is what mitt romney has to like is that he he continues to gain ground. we know that ohio is essentially a tie. but before they had been a tie, now it is the other way. if you are mitt romney, you have to like that this close to election day. >> as you watch the storm surge, we talked about a storm surge for governor romney in ohio. for him, it could not come at a better time. eight days out from the election. looking behind the rasmussen numbers to figure out how he did it in ohio. how he got to this point where it is now one poll. it's the only poll he's had in ohio showing that hate until he is ahead. the rasmussen numbers show that he has a 12-point advantage on the economy. it was just a seven-point advantage last week. so he has gone up 12 points a week. what did that? >> we have seen this in other polls. it is the way that independence
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of breaking for romney, what he has been able to count on all along is that the republican base stood behind him. they are with him no matter what. even if he moves to the middle or anything else that he does. they have stood with him through this. they so want a president out of office. now, you see it day after day, poll after poll, breaking romney's way. what that means is that the president is going to have a lot of work to do in order to get his base out and voting to try to overcome the late advantage of momentum. megyn: romney has a lead on foreign policy and national security, which i typically also been an area in which president obama was dominating. not only has not eroded, but he is 10 points behind romney in that issue. i would like to ask you, because rather than look at the numbers,
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advantageous to the democrats, and so it is in this race. he says that obama leads 62% to 32%. among the early voters in ohio. one in three ohio voters has are to cast their ballot. one third of the ohio electorate, romney has a lead among those who still plan to vote, but that is a big gap to make up. >> yes, it is, but it example with an example. the other thing is this. any given republican votes at a higher frequency than any given democrat on a per capita basis. that is especially true this year because of an and enthusiasm gap. that means that the president needs to do overwhelmingly well. he needs to use the advantage in terms of organization to drag as
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many democrats to the polls as he possibly can. if there's a election were just on election day before so many incumbents, particularly democrats, succeeded in turning this into election month, you expect the president to lose by a pretty stout margin. the gas used every second of this time to get people to offset this agreement. megyn: hurricane sandy is a distraction, it was a president addressing the nation a short time ago from the briefing room. he has made comments about pending storms in the past. with hurricane sandy it was via audio. in any event, how does this hurricane play politically? >> well, it is very bad -- it could be big for him. conversely, if there is a
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problem. we think about katrina and other things, this could be bad for the president. but let's say that the federal response is appropriate. well, people just expect him to do that. the real issue here is florida, virginia, new hampshire, later this week, ohio. what happens to this much-needed push for early voting by the democrats that they have stated their victory on. what happens to that. there is torrential rain lashing of them. the president can't afford to give up any day or any minute of this voting drive that is so crucial to democratic. megyn: chris, thank you so much. also in the crosshairs of the storm, we will continue to watch it there as well is here. chris mentioned hurricane sandy causing problems and virginia. i mentioned the videotape earlier. near people already said to be without power. authorities say that up to
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1 million people could be in the dark when all is said and done. power outages being reported in the new york area. the city of norfork, virginia. we will show you the tracking of the storm that could damage a chunk of the country. more than 800 miles long and affecting more than 50 million people. we are back in three minutes. >> i think people should take it easy. be careful. drive safe. get your food, get your supplies, but take it easy. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both.
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megyn: fox news alert. we have the live pictures coming
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in from ocean city, maryland. hurricane sandy intensifying in the last couple of hours. winds at 90 plus miles per hour. we will get a new report on strength and attack at the top of the hour. as many as a million customers could lose power over the next coming days. while 2000 extra crews are arriving, it could take days for electricity to be restored. more folk, virginia, could wind up being one of the worst hit areas. the worst part of sandy are 200 miles off the coast. some parts of the city are already dealing with rising floodwaters, as well as the storm surge. jennifer davis is with me now from the boardwalk in more folk. >> hello, you are absolutely right. the story here is the rain. it is unrelenting and has been falling very hard since midday yesterday.
10:26 am
it has receded since high tide, but much bigger than they are used to here. really eating up the sand and they are worried about the roads and flooding. storm surge could be 46 feet above what is typical for the normal water levels. then there is a low-lying area, particularly as you head inland. they are very worried about the flooding there. we have heard of a number of road closures because of standing water. people say that their base baseman slot on a routine basement ready to deal with the wind and rain. megyn: we are tracking developments in the presidential race. governor romney picking up an
10:27 am
endorsement in one critical battleground state, including one from newspaper that has not backed the republican nominee in 40 years. what made them change their mind now? a fair and balanced debate right after this. take a look. live from alexandria, virginia. you can't see much. that is outside of washington dc. we are less than 30 minutes away from getting the latest update on hurricane sandy. janice dean is back with another update in three minutes. just a short time ago, this was the scene atlantic city. >> this is the best that we have seen in atlantic city. it is a year-round area. most of the people are staying put. they have left their cars in the street, and their cars are in danger. we have already seen water on many cars. maybe somebody put out a
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mattress here in the middle of the street ♪
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10:32 am
strength. after the sun goes count worst comes out. you are looking live at the approach to the george washington bridge in new york city which handles 300,000 cars a day. right now it looks like barely a dozen are out there. we expect most of them are emergency vehicles. 8 states and washington, d.c. in a full state of emergency. basically entire east coast of america in a state of emergency. in new jersey the lbi have turned ugly. we just got compelling video about 20 minutes sea go. look at this. the ocean broke through the dunes in beach haven. look at this. flooding the streets of beach haven. some boats being blown off their moorings, military trucks are being called in to help with the evacuations. atlantic city will take the most direct hit later on today.
10:33 am
>> reporter: we could be rewriting the coastline. this is a major event for this area. i want to talk about the wind gust. offshore of new jersey, gusts 60 miles an hour. the waves 18 feet. 24 feet off the coast of long island up towards maine. 16 feet off the coast of cape cod. waves of 31 feet. when you are talking about a storm surge of 11 feet. that's waves of 20-30 feet on top of that. so this is going to be a major major epic event we have not seen in this lifetime. we are already seeing power outages, my family is without power on long island. this will be a long duration event. there is the storm -- the center of the storm you can see right here in the last few frames. i'm not concern about the rain. it's going to be the coastal flooding from the storm surge and this is going to be a long lived wind event.
10:34 am
so you have got leaves on the trees. wind gusts in excess of 65 miles an hour in the most populated area across the northeast and that's going to bring power down and trees down and problems not only for days but perhaps weeks. and this is going to be felt all along the coast. great lakes, midwest, this storm is going to be enormous in proportion. it's the biggest storm system we have had in the atlantic basin. the pressure, the measure of how strong this storm is is the lowest we have seen at this latitude. expected water rise along southern connecticut, southern long island as well and, 5-10 feet, and on top of that waves 20-30 feet. that's going to cause the major problems. if you are not already in your safe place, you are in trouble. megyn: unbelievable. janice, thank you. much more as this show progresses. we want to bring you an important political update.
10:35 am
as we watch this storm head forth and west, there is fallout from a big weekend for governor romney. he picked up a slew of major endorsement froms influential newspapers. normally we don't cover newspaper endorsements because one guy gets one and the other guy gets another one. but these are four major newspapers and they took place in this critical battleground state of iowa. the cedar rapids gazette backing governor rom this. the times saying our presidential endorsement ready for change. the sioux city journal, our opinion, mitt romney, the change america needs. the most important endorsement came from the des moines register which has not backed a republican candidate for president for 40 years. a point stephanie cutteer tried to downplay. >> they endorsed mitt romney in the primary so it's not a
10:36 am
surprise. the editorial didn't seem to be based in reality in the president's record or mitt romney's record. they said he would reach across the aisle and it's the opposite of what he did in massachusetts. megyn: as we have our debate we'll put pictures on the storm for our viewers so they can continue to monitor what's happening in this country. there are two storms. one is weather and one is political. it's incredible to watch this major news story disrupt the presidential race news story. we want to get to the situation in iowa. which is a critical swing state and important to any path to victory romney would have if he were to lose ohio, in particular, and the des moines register, first time in 40 years they get behind a republican.
10:37 am
why? >> the reason is, and they point out in their endorsement. the president had the opportunity to make it change he said he would bring to america. he wasn't bipartisan. we are harnging back to 2009 when he became our president. he had a democratic house and senate with high majorities. he wasn't able to get one democrat to vote for his own budget. the disappointment is there. the major newspapers picked up on the fact what the president promised he hadn't delivered. we are no better off today than we were when he took office. the endorsements are cumulative. the validator for people look fog make the change. megyn: the latest rasmussen report poll in iowa shows dead even 48-48. it's incredible how this race is tightening up as we go into the final week. i want to ask you, normally it's like so and so endorsed so and so. does it say anything to you,
10:38 am
this des moines register poll for the first time in 40 years going for a republican? >> not really. as stephanie cutter pointed out they endorsed romney in the primary. we are seeing newspapers going more corporate oriented and community orient. the rasmussen polls have always has a 2-3-point prejudice for the republicans. there is a great story in the new york times demonstrating where rasmussen has been wrong virtually all the time in favor of the republicans. we are also seeing a huge early turnout in iowa and ohio almost one-third of the voters have voted in both state and the democratic advantage is 2-1. we are confident ohio and iowa will go for the path next tuesday.
10:39 am
megyn: we'll let the viewers decide whether he's accurate or not. he hit it dead on in the past presidential elections. there is a question about what is going happen in iowa. this endorsement was based on its belief that mitt romney can work with both parties. he's not just going to pander to republicans. he will get something done because he know us how to work with democrats having been a republican governor of the state of massachusetts. this country's electoral makeup is not likely to be one party rule after november 6. we need somebody who can work across the aisle. do we have any reason to believe barack obama will work better across the aisle when he doesn't face reelection? >> no, he has been a disaster in the first term. mitt romney has a record of working across the aisle because he was forced to in order to get
10:40 am
anything done in the deeply blue state of massachusetts. an was very successful in doing it. mitt romney is a bottom line guy. if you you have a problem, solve it. he will figure out ways to be conciliatory without compromising principle. he has don't before an do it again. these newspapers understand what the problem is. mitt romney will rule out of reality not ideology. megyn: does barack obama have any history of working across the aisle? he got hit by a lot of folks after he first came into office of seeming to be, i won, you lost ... that how it goes. he had an infamous moment with john mccain where he said look the election is over. there is a question of whether he's willing to reach a hand across the aisle. >> if you read bob woodward's book you will see he tried to reach across the aisle and
10:41 am
boehner pulled back. he signed legislation that band assault weapons. he was pro-choice an passed obama-care years before obama did. >> it wasn't obama-care, it was massachusetts care. what is good for massachusetts is necessarily good for america. >> he was telling everybody it was good for america when he signed it. >> he said it was good more massachusetts. >> he said thank you, president obama or adopting my plan as your plan. he was a liberal in massachusetts. a conservative in the primary, now he's a moderate. he's a chameleon, not a candidate. megyn: a new ad by two powerful unions takes a hard shot at governor romney calling him an economic traitor based on his work at bain capital. you are looking live at the statue of liberty.
10:42 am
the southern tip of manhattan could be under 11 feet of water. >> conditions are deteriorating rapidly and the window for you getting out safely is closing. it is going to be bad. the forecasts are reasonably accurate. this close to when we are predicting something and it's going to be very high winds and a lot of road closures. you know mass transit is not working. driving when you have big gusts like that is dangerous. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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megyn: as hurricane sandy churns closer to the east coast a particularly chilling statement from the national weather service in mount holly, new jersey. the very blunt strongly worded statement issued sunday night reads quote. if you are reluctant to evacuate and you know someone who rode out the '62 storm on the barrier island ask them if they will do
10:46 am
it again. if you are reluctant think about your loved ones and emergency responders who will be unable to reach you when you make the panicked phone call to be rescued. one meteorologist inviting people to contact him personally to call up and yell at him friday if he turns out to be wrong. we want to get to our meteorologist janice dean. that is one of the things that's been most disturbing about this storm in the days leading up to today. it seems like across the board everyone is saying whatever you have in your memory will not be useful in predicting what we are going to experience today and tonight thanks to sandy. >> reporter: a a lot of meteorologists are saying we never covered anything like this. we have had catastrophic hurricanes like katrina and andrew. but we have never had a hybrid storm make landfall on such a
10:47 am
populated area. 60-million plus people will feel the effects of this storm. very widespread and we don't have a handle on how this will go. already the storm has exceeded our expectations. it's a 90-mile-per-hour hurricane. we are going to get a new advisory just before 2:00 so we'll make sure you have all the information. this storm is 200 miles offshore and getting reports of wind gusts in excess of 70 miles an hour on montauk, the tip of long island. this will be a major event, one we have not seen in this lifetime unfortunately. megyn: a little bit of politics. 8 days to go until the presidential election. and now two pr -- two progressie groups are launching sharpest attacks on mitt romney and his type at bain capital. >> mitt romney is bain capital. he created it withino, made a
10:48 am
fortune from it and is still invested tonight. bain is shipping jobs to china. they took down the flag the week that they left like we are suppose to be ashamed that we are americans. megyn: charms payne is here with some perspective. they are bringing back up bain capital and suggesting that it sent jobs to canada and mitt romney was behind. >> reporter: bain over the years invested in company, some that operate in china, some don't. this chinese firm that does infrared cameras. the investment happened in late 2007. obviously governor romney had long been gone from there. i find it interesting these ads don't bring up the investment in the sports authority, burger
10:49 am
king, staples. a company that has hundreds of thousands americans working for them that bain invest in and saved. they didn't just invest, they saved these companies over the years. china is a flash point and it gets people hot and bothered. the fact of the matter is this is a long term trip. mitt romney talked in the second and third events about america being attractive. money moves around. money seeks a place where it's first safe, second and where it can grow. if our policies are sun that it can't grow it will leave this country and jobs will go along with it. so the notion that somehow an investment that was made years after mitt romney left the company is beyond disingenuous. the big argument is whether we should be an inyo -- be an insur
10:50 am
country. megyn: mitt romney called this a misleading ad. even though mitt romney wasn't running bain in 2011, he had investments in bain. they are pointing to that saying he would have been behind more support of investments in china. >> reporter: the teachers unions and the president of the united states have investments in trusts that have connections to china. whether you invest in walmart. if you have an investment with a regular 401k certainly with a state or local fund you have some sort of connection to china. by the way, it's a smart thing to do. they have 1.5 billion people, they are growing like wild fire. we want to take advantage of those opportunities not destroy them. megyn: we have not been able to
10:51 am
find anybody who can verify they took down the american flag. hurricane sandy may have claimed its first victims. two crew members from an historic ship mission at sea. pry helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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megyn: you can seat storm surge pick up. waves pick up as we have seen so many locations along the east coast today. a headline for you. one meteorologist calling this storm on the exact perfect wrong track for new york city. just a bit outside of new jersey saying the storm surge will go higher than we have seen in the past century in new york and new jersey. this is the first hurricane to make landfall in new jersey
10:55 am
since 1903. it's only the third one to do so in the last 200 years. take a look at this video we saw earlier from long beach island in new jersey. this is beach haven. a beautiful town where we actually have a lot of friend. and you can see earlier that picture of the house was in great peril. that is a coastal community. we want to go live to steve harrigan with the latest in ocean city, maryland. >> reporter: the wind is kick up. gusts up to 45 miles an hour and the rain heavy as well up to 1 inch every two hours. you can look out at this beach it many coming up to the seawall sometimes topping over the seawall. the waves have gotten bigger. when it tops over the sea wallet many throwing sand on the boardwalk and some of the destruction. the water beginning to seep into
10:56 am
buildings. the iconic pier on the edge of this boardwalk has been partially destroyed. we have gotten stern warnings from the governor about staying off the roads. here is what the governor of maryland had to say. >> there will undoubtedly be some deaths caused about it intensity of this storm. by the floods and tidal surge and by the waves. the more responsibly citizens act the fewer people will die. right now people are being told to stay in their homes. megyn, back to you. >> reporter: you can see a true sense of the size of this storm when you see from it above. these pictures courtesy of nasa. hurricane sandy nearly 1,000 miles across. the eastern seaboard is being swallowed by this thing.
10:57 am
>> the situation is getting increasingly worse. not on the wind as you can hear. but the rain. let me swing you around here. we have seen these power lines up here actually starting to spark. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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11:00 am
megyn: fox news alert. as the waters rise along hundreds of miles of u.s. coastline hurricane sandy is threatening major cities from bethesda, maryland and beyond. the wall of water could cause devastation like we have not seen in more than a century. brand-new hour of "america live." thanks for being here with us on this important day. as we mentioned, sandy is on course to slam new york city as causing serious damage to its southern neighbors in new jersey. look at the massive waves crashing along the garden state beaches. with one in four americans expected to feel the wrath of this monster. a stoasm unprecedented
11:01 am
proportions. to put things in perspective. hurricane irene which you can see her on the right caused nearly $16 billion in damage and take a look at sandy in comparison. with sandy expected to linger over the northeast for days one can only imagine if the difference in size will reflect the difference in damage. we'll have the latest on the storm track and its strength in one minute. rick? >> reporter: the winds have picked up even more from last hour. steady now in the 40s and 50s with gusts but feel like over 0 miles per hour. i can't even read the wind gauge or turn into the rain because rain and sand is pelting us it many pretty painful. we are just after low tide. so the surf i'll it's rough is not encroaching on the boardwalk at this point and ocean avenue
11:02 am
is still relatively dry. but other roads in the community are under water and many other roads across the state of new jersey are hazardous. the garden state parkway has been closed from exit 63 south to cape may. that's a major highway in new jersey shut down because of flooding in both directions. in fact atlantic city we are told is virtually under water in some spots, some feet of water. they are rescuing residents who decided to stay with life boats. there are high-water vehicles they are using to get people to shelters. thousands of people across new jersey have moved into shelters and tens of thousands without power. we are only seeing the beginnings of this hurricane coming ashore. things will get much worse as the hours progress. >> thank you for the latest. new york and new jersey are not the on states bracing for this
11:03 am
dangerous superstorm. sandy to could have a devastating frequent the east coast to the great lakes. for more on the path meteorologist janice dean. >> reporter: we just got the latest advisory. the storm has sped up. moving northwest at 28 miles an hour. that will put the center of the storm which is still a hurricane, 90-mile-per-hour sustained winds on the jersey coastline by around 6:00 p.m. so the actual center of the storm making landfall around 6:00 p.m. along the jersey shore but we are feeling the effects of the storm well south and north of it. you can see the eye coming close so it many moving quickly and we are going to see landfall of the tropical system within the next couple hours. we are talking about hybrid storms and perhaps an extra tropical storm. but i belief we are seeing a hurricane making landfall in the next several hours. conditions are already
11:04 am
deteriorating. we are seeing storm surge at battery park manhattan. that's already higher than irene when it made landfall. on top of that wave of 20-30 feet, an epic storm system catastrophic along the jersey shore, long island and connecticut. expecting a landfall, a little quicker now between 5:00 an and:00 p.m. along the jersey shoreline. the worst of the storm will come to the of the center of the storm. we got the counter-clockwise winds pushing storm surge into areas that are vulnerable, southern new york into manhattan, long island sound, connecticut and the jersey shore. we might not see what we have seen before. the time line speeding up a little bit. gusts 80-90 to 100 miles an
11:05 am
hour. heavy rainfall up to a foot. but wind gusts anywhere from much of new jersey up towards long island, southern new york, southern connecticut. up to 100-mile-per-hour. widespread coastal flooding. this will be a surge problem. more people die from hurricanes because of surge. there is more property damage because of surge and the winds. a long-lived wind event of 90-100-mile-per-hour battering this coastline. this is one of the most vulnerable areas for storm surge and wind damage with all the trees with the leaves still on them. we'll see widespread power outages. this is a major event. if you are not already in a safe place you are in trouble basically. heavy rains, wind gusts 30-60 miles per hour. all along the coastline. gusts, 60, 70, 80 miles an hour and maybe more than that
11:06 am
sustained. megyn: new york city is seeing serious flooding. check out these live pictures from battery park at the southern tip of manhattan. as janice just mentioned storm surge is almost 5 feet higher than irene already. tuned because later this hour we'll go live to jon scott who is watching the surf start to break into the streets of southern new york city and they are concerned on some levels the mass transit. they are concerned depending on the breech we could have flooding on the subway systems that would shut down this city for days and weeks to come. we continue to watch. here in midtown manhattan it looks like a rainstorm. but we are several hours away from the here the of the storm hitting new york. fox news alert on what appears to be the first significant rescue effort of this monster storm. hurricane sandy quickly gaining
11:07 am
storm as eight makes its way towards the northeast. hours ago it was churning off the coast of north carolina where it caused this historic replica ship to sing to the bottom of the ocean. 14 crew members were rescues and two others remained missing. we just got that rescue video in from the coast guard. some of you may recognize this ship as the one used in the 2006 film "pirates of the caribbean dead man's chest." we have the commander from the coast guard joining us live. what can you tell us about the search for the two crew members missing. >> we have a c-130 fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter searching for the two missing crew members. the plan is to relieve those with other assets to keep the
11:08 am
search going. megyn: can you confirm that the ship has sunk? >> i don't think it has sunk -- it is -- only thing above water, though, are the masts, that's all that was above water. the last crew that came back reported the same thing. it has sunk partially. megyn: what happened? so many vessels have been brought to shore in advance of sandy, what happened with this ship? why was it in peril? >> i was told that they somehow had some kind of steering casualty. loslost steerage. most of the water was overwash because they lost steer age and couldn't maintain a good course on that overwash kept the water coming on and the pumps couldn't keep. megyn: as we watch the pictures of the rescue efforts it's
11:09 am
incredible how the coast guard does their job at great risk to himself managing to get 14 of the 16 crew members to safety. is there still hope that the other two crew members are alive? >> i would say there is hope they are still alive. all of the people we picked up, all of the survivors had on survival suits, and that's definitely increases your chance of survival immensely. water temperature is fairly warm in the gulf stream. i would guess the estimate based on the conditions we looked at that it's in the 70s still out there. so that helps them out with their survival time. megyn: how do you find them now? the ocean looks angry at this point? how do you find these two guys? >> we are doing a search plan that we are getting from our star mission coordinator and it's computer generated plans.
11:10 am
we ismatically fly those -- we systematically scan with our aircraft trying to locate them. megyn: you can see the sea is just -- it looks very foreboagd. your heart -- very foreboding. your heart goes out to the two crew members we assume are immersed in that water. is there a flotation division on those suits they are wearing? >> they will keep them in they are in the suits from the survivors we picked up, there is one person for sure they said made it into the suit. and they are not sure about what happened to the other individual. but i probably don't have the best information or the latest information on that. megyn: thank you for sparing the time to speak with us today. we wish all the best.
11:11 am
megyn: what a situation. you can see mother nature has a wrath like no other. you find yourself in the wrong place at the prong time and you can end up with the wrong result. that's why we are paying so much attention to this storm to help you who have not listened to the evacuation orders to understand the risk and peril to your family. we are six hours away from the storm. the damage in some areas is already being done. we'll be joined by the national hurricane center and we'll ask why they are issuing such dramatic guidance for this storm. a no-nonsense warning has you might expect from new jersey governor chris christie. this choice words for anyone who lives in an evacuation zone and thinks they can ride out the storm safely. >> this is not a time to be a show-off. this is not a time to be stupid.
11:12 am
this is a time to try to save yourself and your family. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! that's a good deal! [ man ] wow! it is so good! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15, seafoodchicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'mctually looking at the wd grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. you so fascinated by the prices, you keep rambling on! i know! -that pork chop was great! -no more fast food friday's! so we gotta go! we're going to go to red lobster. yep.
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11:15 am
megyn: we have a fox extreme weather alert. we are hours away from the eye of sandy's expected landfall in new jersey. the winds are whipping the ocean, getting more and more foreboding. most people have evacuated from their homes. but multiple cities along the shore are already and people are already without power. governor christie * declaring a state of emergency ahead of the storm. this ocean city, maryland. james we are told the storm is picking up speed. what more can you tell us? >> it accelerated so that means
11:16 am
we have very few hours before landfall. probably 4-6 hours before the center moves ashore in southern new jersey. the time to prepare is long past. the hurricane conditions will be reaching the coast within the next couple hours. megyn: when people hear about a life-threatening storm surge that could cause record flooding, can you gives an understanding how that will happen? we'll be sitting in our communities, the streets will be dry one minute and an around later we'll be submerged in water? >> it doesn't happen that fast it's a slower process. i'm 5'6. if we have 11 feet of storm surge i'm under water. we don't have have many people who can survive an 11-foot storm surge, and 4-8 feet along the jersey coast and southern new
11:17 am
england. so lots of areas where there will be very, very high water. megyn: not to put too fine a point on it. but when you are sitting in your home and you see flooding come in your basement and flooding all the way up. how long do you have? there are folks in danger right now in house that have chosen to ride out the storm. should they be going to their top floor? what should they be looking for? >> if you didn't follow the advice and get out when you were told to get out you will need to get as high as you can. the water will be elevated for an extended period of time. this such a big storm and it's going to be blowing that water in for hours and hours. so we'll even go through a couple of tidal cycles where we have a high tide and then come back up it's going to be a long period event here. megyn: we are talking about
11:18 am
tonight when there are high tides and a full moon on top of it as the eye begins to batter atlantic city. new york city and this coastal region on the east coast. on the northeast coast. talk about what is likely to happen from that point. we are looking from 7:00 p.m. to midnight tonight in those areas. >> i suppose on the good thing about the storm moving faster is the peak surge may sea curl before the high tide. but because the event is going to be going on for so long, it will be elevated water levels later in the evening. it's not going to be over by a long shot. megyn: in new york city they evacuated 375,000 people. no telling with new yorkers whether they heeded the warnings and orders. but they are concerned about a possible 11-foot storm surge coming up on the southern tip of the island and breaching the
11:19 am
subway system in manhattan. how likely do you think that is? >> i'm not familiar enough with the ins and outs of th -- of the subway system to say. megyn: it will be the most intense hurricane north of north vrl. this will be the -- of north carolina. it will be the worst in a century. is that overstating the case? >> ask me that in a day and a half. we are seeing pretty much what we thought in terms of the track. we knew there was wintertime energy coming into this system to strengthen it. not purely as a tropical cyclone or hurricane. that's providing that extra tick that got the winds up to 90 miles per hour and that will make this an historic event of some magnitude. megyn: we are getting reports
11:20 am
today of two new polls that could caus cause concern for the president's reelection team 8 days out. can you believe we are there? it seems like it's been going on for year. doug schoen and pat caddell on the new research. more than 7,500 flights have been canceled. the stock exchange closed today and tomorrow. and we are live with the growing threat to new york city. in moment. >> reporter: these winds are very, very strong. i have been saying that all morning. they seem to be intensifying. a weather watcher who happened to be on the beach with us two hours ago. it feels more intense now. [ female announcer ] food, meet flavor.
11:21 am
11:22 am
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11:24 am
megyn: fox news extreme weather alert. hurricane sandy unleashing wind gusts in excess of 90 miles an n trees and power lines. the winds have built up so much that our signal on long beach, long island is at risk of being blown away. we'll see if we can talk to anna before they have to get out of there. anna? >> reporter: we had to move our truck. the signal went down. we are back in business. even though long beach is not expected to get slammed by hurricane sandy until later tonight, already the waves are enormous. high tide is 11:27 tonight. it's not a good combination to
11:25 am
have the storm hitting at high tide. what the major concern is is about the storm surge. it could be 11 feet, then a potential of 20-foot waves slamming into homes and businesses. this is the hotel we are staying in. we saw two wild surfers out. obviously there are mandatory evacuations. the city manager is saying now is the time to move. >> reporter: folks felt hurricane irene was not all it was cracked up to be. we are look at a thunderstorm that will exceed those expectations and it will be great than we thought it would be. we are asking folks to take seriously the evacuation order. >> reporter: there are 33,000 people who live in long beach. we are told during irene 30% of them did stay. there are three ways to get in and out. two bridges open for northbound
11:26 am
traffic to get out of town. the long beach bridge was closed earlier because it was flooded. it's since reopened. megyn: don't you wonder about those people handing behind the reporter? there is a hurricane, go inside. arch.anna has to be south side t you don't. we are going to battery park are jon scott has been all morning. we'll check in with him as the storm surge comes apart in new york. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
11:27 am
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11:31 am
. if you look at new york harbor,
11:32 am
it is not as bad here as i anticipated, especially based on what we saw this morning. the place was underwater and it is high tide. there was a good foot, maybe a foot and a half. that was the bad news. people are seeing as much water in lower manhattan as they saw during the worst of hurricane irene. and the worst of hurricane sandy has not arrived yet. mayor michael bloomberg has decided, well, to order the evacuation of the lower part of manhattan and all low-lying areas. subways and buses are not running. a couple of the tunnels have been closed.
11:33 am
schools have been closed as well. the mayor is warning people to take precautions. >> take our message seriously. the storm is here. it will be here for the rest of today and well into tomorrow. now, you should concentrate on keeping yourselves and your family safe to the extent possible, remain in their homes. if you live in buildings served by elevators, avoid using them during the storm. there is always the possibility of power outages. >> six to 11-foot storm surges when the eye of the hurricane comes ashore. i am 6 feet tall. i might be 2 feet above the water level right now. so you can get a picture of it. potentially, water would be potentially three or 4 feet above my head. megyn: full moon, high tide, all coming in about four hours. stay safe. megyn: this has the potential to
11:34 am
be devastating according to janice dean. she said she will be expecting a hurricane to make landfall in atlantic city in about four hours. it will be just a bit faster than expected. janice is back with me now. what john is saying is that it is a little bit less volatile. thought it was interesting, before you were seeing it, there could be a difficult period and then a calm period and in a calm period. should we be letting our guard down? >> it was going to be an extra tropical system, with cold air infusing into the storm. all indications are that the storm has set up and we are going to see a hurricane making landfall. along the jersey shore line. storm surge up to 11 feet. on top of 20 to 30-mile feet
11:35 am
waves. 20-foot, 30-foot waves. long island sound, long island coast. the lowest pressure. 940 millibars bread when the pressure goes down, it means that the storm is strengthening. quite a difficult thing. the fact that we have a tropical system this far north, this time of year, such a strong pressure. you can see the eye of the storm is very close to the jersey shore. right there, hours away from landfall. that is the headline right now. i kind of wish that the national hurricane center had put up hurricane watches and warnings. it maybe would've helped people to really know what the storm is capable of. we will just say that it is going to be a hurricane in the
11:36 am
next couple of hours. it'll maintain that status as it makes landfall across the jersey shore. a long limbed wind event. here at 6:00 p.m., there is the eye of the storm. making landfall. ninety, 100, 100 miles per color. the worst of the storm is north. new york city, north harbour, long island sound, you get the worst of the rent and wayne and the storm surge. megyn: here in new york they are warning people to beware on the higher floors of the many high rises that we have characterized the skyline of manhattan. >> the windows blow out, and people need to be prepared and vigilant. megyn: okay, j.d., thank you. well, the storm out there is
11:37 am
very calm and we will continue to track it. there is also a presidential election coming up in eight days that this country. it is also important to a lot of folks. a gallup poll survey of more than 9400 likely voters -- that is a huge sample, 9400 likely voters shows the number of folks who declare themselves democrats and republicans are now dead even. even after democrats enjoyed a 10-point lead, just four years ago. with 29% of voters declaring themselves independent, it is creating a new debate about what we are going to see a week from tomorrow. joining us now is doug schon he is the host of campaign insiders. and pat is with us as well. a former contributor to president carter. in 2008, 29% were republican, 39% democrats, and 31%
11:38 am
independent. the democrats had a 10-point advantage. 35% say they are democrats. 36% republican, and the rest independent. we have a one-point advantage. >> apolitical professionals such as myself, and certainly pat, knows that this is a very ominous sign for obama and the democrats. it is why the president has been so aggressive. it is why the democrats understand, given the tough economic news, the tragedy and benghazi. that this is not a climate that encourages democratic identification. the bottom line is that republicans are all building. almost unanimously for mitt romney and independents are breaking against the president. >> four years ago it showed which showed that of the independents, 54% said they leaned democrat and now 49% say
11:39 am
that they leaned republican, 46% say i lean towards the democrats. >> it has opened openable margin. a three-point margin for republicans in the gallup numbers. it is still a little less than that in the rasmussen polls, but i'm telling you, if those numbers are what they are showing, and that is 9400, that is a huge sample. it is over a lot of time. given how independents are voting, which is they are voting overwhelmingly, in 2008 they voted for obama, this year they are voting for romney. this is why the white house has reason to panic. you are right about the headline. you talked about the demographic makeup. the justice department late with a blowtorch, trying to get them. i can understand the headline. the real news is what is
11:40 am
happening with the president's approval rating. when we talked a week ago, we talked about that being the key number. since we talked a week ago, he has gone down from 53% to 47%. the rasmussen poll shows the number that i care about, along with the participation, and if i was chicago, i would be concerned. megyn: if you plug this into a model, you have almost 10,000 people surveyed, 36% republicans. the rest are independents. of the independents, they lean more republican than democrat. why would these posters be saying that governor romney is likely to win this election? >> first of all, rasmussen and gallup are showing mitt romney ahead. most of the national polls now are showing a small lever governor romney. here is the answer to your question. most of the pollsters don't accept what gallup is finding as the gospel truth.
11:41 am
there is still a likelihood among some to believe that there is a four or five-point democratic advantage. in some circumstances, some polls, as pat has said, upon close to eight or nine or 10 points. the bottom line is the gallup poll is correct, we are likely to see governor romney even or slightly ahead in the popular vote. that is why chicago is panicking. >> i would like to ask you about ohio. in the latest rasmussen poll, and now shows governor romney one point ahead in ohio. that is the first time we have seen that. okay, the first time we have seen not. >> very different from a week ago. >> we had the chairman of the democratic party saying this and not. >> that is so untrue. i'm just so tired of politicians attacking the pollsters and then using that pollsters to budget their argument. with all due respect to my
11:42 am
chairman of my faith in in south carolina, he doesn't nobody talking about. this two-point lead is significant. there are other indications. what we don't know is the massive ground game. the huge advantage that obama has put enough state to make a firewall. what is happening is that other states are crumbling. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan. there is a national election going on. here is the important point. if this election is under 2.5 points, we could end up in a very close electoral race. but if mitt romney does move to four five points nationally, it would be a huge electoral victory. we are waiting to see if the incumbent gets a kick historically. we still have libya and what i consider the october surprise, potentially. megyn: i need a quick answer, but how do you see this storm playing out a letter --
11:43 am
electorally? >> the president desperately needs a game changer. we just need to play this out and get everybody safe and dry. megyn: everyone needs to be prepared. outside of the fox news studios moments ago. [laughter] here he is. we appreciate it. i don't say this lightly, but it's hard for people to get here. the bridges and tunnels are being shut down. the mass transit is being shut down. but there is an election eight days away. an important story. to a huge story, megyn. megyn: thank you so much. towns under water, people without power, in seaside heights, new jersey, the ocean is coming on shore at a frightening rate. we will show you next the
11:44 am
pictures that we are getting. some of them are incredible. we will speak with one person who is writing up a storm
11:45 am
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11:47 am
>> the difference from hurricane irene last year, we knew that it would be worse this year. that would be part of the problem. the power is now lost in seaside heights, new jersey. megyn: is barreling towards new jersey. predicted to make landfall between five and six tm tonight. the timing has been moved out because this one has picked up. these are live pictures right now where emergency officials say they expect conditions to get much worse during tonight's high tide. our next guest says he is staying, despite the warning. joining us is michael from a bar and grill in seaside heights. why are you staying put?
11:48 am
>> near here in a very safe building right now. it seems to be that everything is under control. that wasn't the fire chief, that was the chief of police he were speaking to. i am sure that he has everything under control. we do have a truck that we can get out of town with if we need you but right now everything seems to be okay. megyn: describe the conditions. >> it is very windy. the ocean is coming up high. i haven't seen the latest in 15 or 20 years. street lights are still on. they are swaying like crazy in the air. megyn: why would you stay? sometimes these storms get overhyped. and our defense, it is not the news media, it's the national hurricane center. >> i am in a brand-new building, you know, we are out of power
11:49 am
right now. as you can see,. megyn: we were told by some of the officials. when you decide to stay, you have to think of the emergency officials who might have come in to first responders and save you if you wind up in peril. >> the ones that are on the lower floor, the things that are really in jeopardy. we are in a high-rise brand-new building that is five stories high. megyn: this is the first hurricane to hit new jersey in a hundred years. only one of three in the past 200 years. you take that more seriously they take some of the other storm warnings? >> yes, i have been through most of them.
11:50 am
this is one of the songs i have seen before. talk about the timing of this. the economy is hurting. a lot of small business owners hurting. now, tourism's season is mostly over, but to take some property damage and flooding and so on and the other economic costs to bring to you, put it into perspective for us. >> well, the full moon is bring the high waters. the wind is coming, but the waters are coming. we are experiencing minor flooding. up to 11 feet. megyn: michael, thank you for joining us. please stay safe. we have some breaking news now. we have the pictures? these are live pictures. there has been a partial drink
11:51 am
less on 57th street. earlier reports about an issue downtown at the new world trade center building. this is from midtown, manhattan. that is what we are just getting word on. we are going to have much more on this. a partial train collapse in new york city i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
11:52 am
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11:54 am
megyn: a fox news alert. you've heard janice dean warning about the wind associated with the storm. particularly in the new york city area. some areas will take it worse when it comes to rain and wind. now, we have reports of a crane collapse in midtown manhattan. the city mail to this storm is coming and prepared to the
11:55 am
extent that it could. but things like this can happen. even in the best of circumstances. we have not received any reports of injuries on the ground or elsewhere. we will continue to monitor our local reporting for an update on that. we want to get to janus. janus, he said the wind is one of the main danger is. >> yes, around 54 miles an hour. we heard that the area was secure in this region. obviously, that's not the case as we look at this partially collapsed crane. hopefully people are in their homes. this is the type of scenario that we might be dealing with when we get this situation. megyn: i can see plenty of people walking up 47th street. there goes the fire truck.
11:56 am
people are walking around. megyn: you know, we try so hard as meteorologists to make sure that people heed the warnings. nobody should be on the street right now. especially when you have wind gusts of 50 or 60 miles per hour. we don't need a crane collapsing in midtown manhattan. over the next several hours, we will have a landfall of hurricane that is going to bring the worst of conditions across new york city. people need to be indoors. megyn: the earlier advisory saying that wins affecting high-rise buildings will be significantly stronger than those near ground level. it looks like sixth avenue outside of our other camera. you can see some emergency response vehicles, which actually we don't know what, if anything is happening.
11:57 am
but we can see them on the street. they may be going to the site, which could be consistent with the location. we will have much more on this. thank you.ed stay with us. announcer ] when yu combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you'll get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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